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Unlocking The Secrets of Your Dreams

Discover the five helpful keys to a prophetic understanding & interpretation of dreams and visions. The following seminar can be completed over two evenings or half-day. These seminars are informative and interactive with audience participation.

Discern whether a dream is literal or metaphorical
Discover why a literal dream should not be ignored and why most dreams are of a symbolic nature. Learn the difference between a subjective and objective dream and whether dreams and visions are different from each other?

Recent events and concerns
Discover why stress and tension create certain dreams and how to experience the freedom from the anxiety and fear contained in them. What to do if you feel a dream contains a warning of impending danger.

Emotional Tone
Learn to identify how the emotion of a dream is often connected to recent events and moods. Discover why feelings in a dream do not require interpretation and how they represent your waking life. 

Analysis of symbols
Explore the language of symbols and imagery as you begin to make sense of how they apply to your personal life and dreams. Understand the difference between speculation and revelation. Learn why each symbol can carry diverse interpretations to it.

Making sure it’s the right meaning   
Learn to recognise the three guidelines and Biblical boundaries to prophetic interpretation, and how to know when an interpretation is correct?

The seminar will conclude with a questions and answers from the audience.

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