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Common Dreams

The symbols and interpretations in this resource should be considered as a guide to understanding, rather than a final authoritative definition. Only the dreamer knows if an interpretation resonates with them. There is every chance the content presented here may strike a chord as you consider your personal context to your dream.

There is no end to the range and variety of symbols associated with dreams. I have found metaphors and illustrations from the Bible to be rich with symbols and meaning. As an example, the image of a tree (Psalm 1, Daniel 4) is often referred to as a symbol for your life. Similarly a house (Matthew 7) may also be a symbol of your life.


While there are many symbols in the Bible and in our dreams, the following ten themes commonly appear in dreams.

In order to understand the meaning of your dream, it is helpful to be aware of what is happening in your waking life, which may have triggered the dream. Make it a practice to record every detail contained in the dream, including symbols, colour, feelings, characters and activity.