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Common Dreams House

“…Rain poured down, the river flooded, a tornado hit—but nothing moved that house. It was fixed to the rock.”
Matthew 7:25 (MSG)

House Dreams

It is said that 40% of our dreams involve a house. It is one of the more common dream themes, and generally represents your domestic and personal life. Alternatively the building at your place of work may represent your work life.

It is important to identify the condition of the house both inside and out; whether it is single, double or multiple stories; what activity is happening outside the house; the atmosphere of the setting, including weather conditions such as wind, storms or water; the foundation upon which it is built; who is in the house; and the various rooms, which may represent different aspects of your life.

The type and size of the house may symbolise your personal capacity or purpose in life. When he was younger, former American President, Ronald Regan, often dreamed of a white house.

The foundations can be indicative of your depth and personal stability; multiple stories may indicate multiple facets to your life and endeavours. If it is a tall building, the height may refer to your level of influence. An attic may reveal a place of storage where things in your life are hidden. 


  • Large House
    To dream of a house larger than the one you own in day-to-day life may imply an increase in personal growth and confidence or influence.
  • Messy House
    Dreaming of a messy house may be symbolic of how things in your life have become disordered or untidy. It may be hinting at a loss of motivation and purpose that has crept into your life. Negative attitudes, including a lack of enthusiasm for living, may be a contributing factor. Your house (life) is out of order.
  • Run Down House
    Dreaming of a derelict house in poor condition may reflect your personal physical life—have you been neglecting your physical well-being resulting in poor health? Are you exhausted and barely managing life?
  • House Broken Into
    To dream that your house has been broken into may suggest that you are ‘opening’ yourself up to negative and destructive attitudes. Perhaps your privacy is being invaded and there is a need to re-establish boundaries. Such a dream could also imply you feel threatened and defenceless. Do you need to take measures to protect yourself spiritually, mentally or emotionally?
  • Cleaning Your House
    What is happening in your life that needs attention? Are you overwhelmed with negative and harmful attitudes? Do you need to seek help to address some of these issues in your life?
  • Unexplored Room
    Dreaming of an unexplored room in your house may be a hint that there is uncultivated potential or unused talent that requires developing. It may also be a symbol of an opportunity not yet apparent.
  • Thrown Out Of The House
    If you dream a number of items being thrown out of your house while other items remain, this could suggest certain character qualities and attributes you wish to discard, while other aspects of your life are healthy and stable.
  • Damaged House
    A house damaged or in a state of disrepair might symbolise personal neglect or abuse; either self-inflicted or by somebody else’s influence. 

Life Application

If you should have a house dream, it might be time for a house inspection. Is it neat, clean, uncluttered? Or are things messy, dirty and disorderly? Is it time to get your house in order, to remove negative attitudes and grievances you’ve held towards others? Is it time to search your unexplored potential, begin to believe in yourself and your God given gifts and talents?

Some people want to build a skyscraper on the foundation for a chook shed. Other people only aspire to building a chook shed when the foundation God has built in them is for a skyscraper. The height of your potential and success is proportional to the depth of your character. If you go about building grand designs without a depth of character you risk collapse. Those who have dug deep can have confidence to build high and reach for maximum potential.

“If we did all the things we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”
– Thomas Edison